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Vicarious liability

As an employer, you can be held legally responsible for sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and victimisation committed by your employees.

Claims can result in your business paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, in addition to compensation payouts to victims.

You have a responsibility to take all reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and victimisation from happening in your workplace.

Professional training protects your business

Apart from having robust policies and grievance processes in place, it is important that you provide regular compulsory training for your staff.

Employwise offers professional workplace training sessions delivered by our team of expert industrial relations specialists and discrimination lawyers.

Participants will learn about unreasonable behaviour, and their rights and responsibilities when it comes to sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and victimisation.

They will also learn how culture and patterns of unreasonable behaviour, such as bullying, can affect a company’s ability to defend a claim of discrimination or sexual harassment.

They will also learn about the financial and emotional cost of unlawful and unacceptable workplace behaviour.

Our training is affordable, and can be tailored to suit employees, managers or executives.

Professional training is vital to protect your business from expensive and time consuming claims.

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