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Welcome to Employwise

Employwise is a team of Australian employment lawyers and industrial relations advocates who are proud to assist employers manage and resolve all manner of workplace issues through mediation, advocacy and litigation.

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Defending claims

We are specialists at helping employers defend a range of matters, including claims for unfair dismissal, sexual harassment and discrimination, in various courts, commissions and tribunals.

Underperforming staff

We can assist employers manage difficult and underperforming staff, whether that involves professional development, or facilitating a smooth exit from the business without a resulting unfair dismissal claim.

Workplace investigations

We also have extensive experience conducting workplace investigations on behalf of managers who are dealing with allegations of serious misconduct by employees.

Compliance and professional training and development

Our experts can assist employers ensure their business is compliant with workplace laws, including how to avoid wage theft, and modern award contraventions.

In addition, Employwise offers professional workplace relations training for your team, focusing on discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying and victimisation.

Affordable representation

Employwise is committed to operating on a low-cost model, and is proud to provide advice and representation to employers at an affordable price.

We're here to help

If you need assistance managing any aspect of your business, or need advice dealing with a specific issue, our team at Employwise look forward to helping you.

Manager's Helpline

We are pleased to offer our clients our exclusive Manager’s Helpline service.

For a small fee, our specialist industrial relations consultants will be just a phone call away, and available to offer urgent expert advice to managers and supervisors who are dealing with an unexpected workplace issue.

Calling the Manager’s Helpline should stop a minor issue turning into a major, costly and time consuming legal claim against your business.

If the matter does end up in a commission or tribunal, our Manager’s Helpline guarantee is that we will represent you in any conciliation meetings at no additional cost.

To sign up to our Manager’s Helpline service, please click here, or call our friendly team today on 1800 00 WISE (1800 00 9473).